There is nothing better than to come into a room and see a freshly cleaned carpet.  For many, commercial carpet cleaning in Newark, DE is a delight that makes the entire space look brand new.  When asking these professionals what their secrets were, here are some of the tips that they let slip out.

commercial carpet cleaning in Newark, DE

Modern equipment

They say, there is nothing better than an old pair of shoes to get you where you’re going.  Well, that may be true, but with today’s advancements in materials for carpeting, flooring and other areas, using older tech can lead to more back breaking work.  This is why most cleaners say that you want to use the most modern equipment possible – new vacuums, mops and cleaning supplies. 

Vacuum everyday

Back in the day floors were delicate and should only be cleaned once a week.  However, with advanced technology and the increased foot traffic we have, carpets and floors should be cleaned every day.  This way you are keeping up with the problem of dirt and germs as well as maintaining regular wear and tear on the floors.

Use manual spot removers

When working on the floors you may come across stains.  These stains can cause a big problem if not handled quickly so it is a good idea to have personal stain removers as you clean.  These can be used to pretreat an area and help keep the stain from setting. Then, if the stain is really bad, you will want to go ahead and do a major cleaning of the area.

Only use certified products

Getting away with cheap products and cleaners might get you ahead in the beginning, but eventually these products will come back and bite you.  When you use inferior products they will have chemicals and compounds that may not show problems at first, but over time they may remove dyes and coloring, leave blotchy marks and even damage the surface on a microscopic level that any other cleaners and products may have an adverse reaction.